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What I'm About, right now

I am amazed that I am still, after 52 years of life, making art. Most of the people I went to art school with are no longer making art and in some cases are no longer living. I would be dead too if I didn't create things. I recently began figuring out what I was making and why. In the past, I just always felt "guided" by some unseen force to make things. But I started to wake up to what I was making when my work got noticed and I had to start talking about it. I learned very quickly that "my guides tell me what to make" is not a response that is often met with an overwhelming success. So I asked my guides to explain to me what and why I was making the work I was making. What did it mean? A slew of books appeared on my doorstep and as I read through them I got more and more enlightened, but also confused. Eventually, the amazing amount of information I got in a very short period of time started to make sense when I did a residency in Iceland. The cold, icy darkness forced me to go inside myself and address old hurts and anger. Forgiveness was the flower that blossomed during that time. Cycles, connection, and oneness are what my work is about. My paintings tell stories about love, loss, pain, joy, sadness, and happiness. My work is about duality and finding love in a world filled with anger and decrepitude. Finding one's way and really loving yourself, no apologies, is super hard to do. And the bitch of it is you never get there. You just get closer. And that's where I am...closer.

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