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A Responsibility to sustainability

Since the Covid 19 outbreak began in 2019, I have had a lot of time to think about sustainability in my art practice. My life as an entrepreneur and owner of The Frocksy, which is a vintage clothing and accessories shop, has begun to influence my work as an artist. Sustainability in all areas of my life has become an important issue for me. I came into possession of a group of "used" paintings. I decided to give them a new life infused with humor and social commentary. This body of work is definitely a work in progress.

He lost his head and married her.jpeg

"He Lost His Head and He Married Her" 2021

16" x 13"

Extinct Like A Dinosaur.jpeg
Extinct Like A Dinosaur detail1.jpeg
Extinct Like A Dinosaur detail2.jpeg

"Extinct Like A Dinosaur" 2021

26" x 22"


"SomewHERE" 2021

26" x 22"

Neon Landscape.jpeg

"Neon Landscape" 2021

20" x 16"

Oh Yes!.jpeg

"Oh Yes!" 2021

17" x 14"

Save The Apples.jpeg

"Save The Apples" 2021

12" x 10"

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