current work

A Road we must travel

Infused with personal experience, this body of work delves into the archetypal hero’s journey through the mythical underworld. My main inquiries are: Why must the hero go? What trials are they put through? What gifts or curses do they receive? What message do they bring back? Using my studies of Greco-Roman, Norse and Fairy-tale mythologies I dig deep into the psyche and traverse the underworld looking for gold to bring back to the world. Capturing the essence of these journeys to and from the underworld enlightens us all with new truths, new stories, and new freedom. Mythic and Fairy-tales demand seeming impossible tasks to overcome so that the hero may receive a reward of freedom, transformation, or true love.

I am fascinated by these timeless stories of heroes and heroines and how and why these stories have survived for generations. Most intriguing are the sufferings, near misses, and perfect timing experiences the hero goes through to transcend “death” and re-emerge a new. I tell these stories and engage the viewer through humor, darkness and pop-culture narrative. The viewer is enticed by the heroes’ risks and reveres the possible rewards. Darkness is a bonus in this work; when these pieces are viewed in the dark, the hero character will glow, genuinely emanating light.

"Seven Small Deaths" 55" x 48"  oil paint, spray paint, graphite, gold leaf, Work in progress

"Listen To Your Wild Mother" 48" x 56"  oil paint, spray paint, graphite, gold leaf, 2017

"Sitting Pretty After The Dark, Deep, Fierce Wild" 58" x 46"  oil paint, spray paint, graphite, gold leaf, 2017

"Water Lady Loves Her Vices" 50" x 40", 2017

"Her Comings And Goings" 50" x 40"     2017

TOP detail, 10" x 10"

The epic unknown, the inner world, the All there is.

MIDDLE detail, 24" x 24"

The hero, her characteristic themes, the middle world.

BOTTOM detail, 16" x 40"

The realm of task, service and possibility, the under world.